Workshop at MTC Academy, Tabaco City.


Birthday video asked by Jane for John.


Ezkill Freeman

Lim-Casia Nuptial

Tabaco City Gardenia

Tabaco Gardenia Hotel

Tabaco City

Febuary 22, 2015

Lim-Casia Nuptial

Original composition by Mark Becar


Bicol University
December 2012

2006. Lourdes, Tiwi Albay

My father, last days on his deathbed, with her elder sister comforting him. Krishna Krishna Krishna, hey!


Earl Recamunda Lim and Carmelli Osea performed their original song during my wedding. Feb 22, 2015. Gardenia Hotel and Restaurant, Tabaco City.

Gode Calleja residence

hosted by Abkat

Marawit-Dawit an Bangui

March 11, 2015