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Large format photography, 4X5 at Arimbay Legazpi with Randy Gonzales, George Gio Hadap Brondial, Sherwin Marc Andes, and Carlo Baritua’s barako lessons

“ang gumawa sa iyo, ang gumawa sa akin, ang gumawa sa batis, ang gumawa sa hangin

ang dahilan ng bagyo, ang dahilan ng ulan, ang dahilan ng luha’t kaligayahan”

Adopt a Brgy Program.
Comon, Tabaco City
19 August, 2018

Workshop at MTC Academy, Tabaco City.

Birthday video asked by Jane for John.


Ezkill Freeman

Lim-Casia Nuptial

Tabaco City Gardenia

2006. Lourdes, Tiwi Albay

Tabaco City Gardenia

Lim-Casia wedding reception.

February 22, 2015


Faultline Productions First Year Anniversary

Jamaica Mansions, Tabaco City

December 29, 2014

Tabaco College Nursery Christmas Party