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Gode Calleja residence

hosted by Abkat

Marawit-Dawit an Bangui

March 11, 2015


Written by Richard Madrilejos. Directed by Christian Llorca

Amando Cope College. ABKAT. Kimmy Galias. Camerawork by Madrik

Giovhanii Buen Bicolano Poet. ABKAT

Pagtanyog sa Tabaco City Kiosk

San Jose Community College


Dir: Richard Madrilejos and Julius Bariso. Story: Madrik. Editor: Erik. Starring: Frederick Maurice Lim, Rose Madrilejos. ABKAT 2006

Pelikulang Madrilejos Bariso

Amando Cope College student reading Jaime Jesus Borlagdan at ABKAT Pagtanyog sa Tabaco City Library. 30 November 2010

Rawitdawit: Piguulian, Pigulian
Pagtanyog sa Radyo
One Radio, 91.3
Tabaco City

Albay Rappers Club featuring Chan-O at ABKAT Pagtanyog sa Radyo at One Radio FM, 91.3, Tabaco City

Jaime Jesus Borlagdan rehearsing. Location: Amando Cope College, Tabaco City. Event: Atang